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RTOERO Toronto Districts

Locally, our four districts represent over 14,000 RTOERO members. Since 2000, our primary function is to jointly foster awareness of retirement opportunities available through RTOERO to all retirees employed by Toronto-based public and private school boards.

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Provincially, since 1968, RTOERO has provided excellent programs and services for teachers, school and board administrators, educational support staff, childhood educators, child care professionals and college and university faculty in retirement. A bilingual, non-profit organization, RTOERO provides a strong and active voice for over 72,000 members ranging in age from their late 40s to over 100. There are numerous districts in every region the country.

RTOERO is the largest insurance provider for retired educators in Canada covering 89,000 members and dependents.

Nationally, RTOERO is a leader in advocating for Seniors issues for more than 50 years.

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